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Best price for this unit ever. Really amazing price.


You want the LMT - the live traffic function on these is indispensable once you have used it. Garmin units will even route you onto (up and down) Interstate ramps to avoid a construction delay - very cool. Wait for one with traffic included. There's little difference in price for the unit with the feature and there is no subscription cost to the traffic - you buy the traffic capable unit and it is free forever.


Of course, the above comments about the price are comparing the price of a "new" unit against the price of this "refurbed" unit. Just sayin... What the hell, in for one!


Look on Groupon today! Have a LMT unit for $((..Much better unit for just a little more $$... Agree with lifetime traffic.Bought one yesterday to replace the wifes whose does not have lifetime traffic.Check the update cost on that and you will be sold. If you live in a bigger city (Atlanta here) traffic is a must!!


I've ordered from these guys before so I'm in for two of these for Christmas gifts.


@gregbowman: I haven't had much luck with the traffic function. If you are on the fringes of the traffic coverage area, it is pretty much worthless. In my case, that is 35mi away from Downtown Chicago. When I venture into the city and receive the traffic data, it is out-of-date, showing traffic where there isn't any or showing the road as clear when it's jammed.

For those who don't know, the traffic data is carried via FM radio signal. If the signal is dodgy where you travel, you will have issues receiving the traffic data.

Lifetime map updates are essential, the free traffic is just a nice bonus when it works.