dealsselect blu-ray movies for $4.99


Pretty decent selection of movies. I had to get "My Cousin Vinnie", "A Fish Called Wanda" (backordered), "The Transporter", " Beetlejuice"! At $4.99, it's worth replacing some of my DVDs w/Blu-ray. I don't know how long this sale lasts ... so, get em while they're hot! :-)


@willyone: Nice; No Country For Old Men gets the nod from me. Javier Bardem's perfomance, as usual, is chillingly masterful! quite superb!

Quite upset viewing The Counselor, every single performer/actor I loved died or was made to suffer; curses!!!!!!!!!! lol xD


@dnlkolender: I'd never been aware of Bardem until I watched "No Country for Old Men". I found his character so haunting that, after the movie, I was "compelled" to research the actor who played that role!