dealsroku 2 hd for $54.99 + free shipping


Love my Roku, great selection of channels/apps now too!


I expect better deals from Woot. Just a savings of $5.00.
Woot put your buying power to work, we want better. Nay, we demand better.
Nay, Nay we expect better


@hsendyk: This isn't a deal "from" Woot.... deals.woot is just a deals aggregator. The deal listed here is from Roku directly.


Ordered 2 Roku XDs from Woot in November. Liked them so much, I ordered a Roku 2 XS from Amazon for 79.99 end of December. I have the occasional issue with the remote needing to be resync'd on the Roku 2 XS, but the Roku XDs have no problems.


The Roku 2's are AWESOME for travelling. Hook it up to a tv, dial into wireless and you have entertainment for the kiddies and ppv from premium channels. Plus the games don't hurt either ;-)


cheaper on Amazon (for the XS version) 89.99 with Free Super Saver Shipping. I keep debating getting this for the 1080p and the additional "channels" - I love my Apple TV though for the AirPlay... decisions.


I just got a Roku from Sam's Club, and I have to say the "Plex" app and corresponding Media Server that you run on your PC works great for streaming video.


Good deal for a decent streamer. I have two, and they are great if you have kids (who love to watch the same netflix cartoons over and over). Boxee can play tons more formats, but kids don't care so much about that. In my house, it's boxee for the grownups, roku for the kids.


Expired. Tried to add it to my cart and it said "coupon code not valid". :(


Looks like the link got changed, I reposted, hopefully the link won't be hijacked this time.