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Outside the realm of smartphones, probably the single best electronic device ever produced. No lie. These things are amazing, and fill their purpose so incredibly well. 5 stars, highly recommended.


Awesome music player, just picked up an 8gb for about the same (different retailer but through woot). These things list forever and are just the right size!


The 8gb is only $10 more. A great deal--ive had mine for years without any issue


Be aware that half of the reviews there say the Refubs break after a month. Might be safer to buy it new instead.


I got a refurbed blue one off of Woot! back in late 2011 and it's still going strong. Clip broke off after a few months of abuse, but it was fine. Had it go unresponsive and not turn on once, leaving it alone for a day or so while it completely discharged and then charging it again fixed that. It was only the once and it's been fine since. Tempted to get another because the real problem with these is they're so small I keep losing the thing in my car. ;)


I have a refurbished 8GB Sansa Clip that I got from NewEgg recently. I pretty much love it... the only problem is that it occasionally turns off for no reason, and I have to reset it to get it to work again (hold down power button for about 15 seconds, turn it back on and it starts off where it started before, so it forgets where you just left off). It is a minor annoyance, and it doesn't happen that often for me.

Don't forget to get a micro SD card if you're going to get one of these! That's really the best part about the Sansa Clips.


@selfindulging: A MicroSD card helps, but isn't needed. Picked up one of these a few months back, tossed a 16GB card into it, and still haven't put any music on the card. Have about 210 songs on the internal 4GB, which fills it up only about half way. So unless you're adding FLAC songs or have a large collection you want to carry around, you could probably get away with just the internal storage.


All of my Sansa's are refurbs...wait.. 2 are not .... ok ..but all my refurbs are still going strong.. I will have to look at my history to tell you how long I have had them for... oh, and I just recently acquired an Apple touch..5th gen.and what everyone says is true... Sansas' sound is WAY better than the touch... Holy crap.. who knew ????? I HIGHLY recommend a Sansa, refurb or not... true story

Order Date:Jan 15, 2010 <---- my first Sansa..and it still works... and I think I washed this one too... *sorry Sansas :( *


On a side note... how do you get the damn SD cards to work ??? I have a mini...and I am afraid to use it, cuz I am afraid I am going to lose it..... any suggestions ?


@tatterbits: You just plug the mini SD into the player and that's it.

You go to your computer and find the Sansa Clip Player and you will see the section for your SD card, which is different from the player. You create a folder and load the songs in. Then when you take your Sansa off the computer it will refresh and that's all.

I love these things, the two downsides are the display will wash out in bright sunlight so if you jog outside on sunny days, that's a bother and the clip will spring off if you use it too much on thick things like leather jackets. So if you clip it on clothes, keep it clipped to things like your shirt, which are thin.