deals3-1/2 gallon 3 flavor popcorn tin buy 2 and saveā€¦


$25 for 3 gal. of popcorn. That is insane.


@moondrake: I do agree that this price is better than their usual price. but the odds of me paying this much for popcorn are pretty low.


If it were an interesting flavor selection I would be in. But I'm not willing to pay that much for an upscale version of the same popcorn tin I can get locally for $5 ($2.50 after Christmas). For that price I can go to the local mom and pop (pun intended) Popcorn Extravaganza and get a giant bag of my favorite trio of hair raising jalapeno, extra butter caramel, and white cheddar. I must assume from the upvotes that this must be pretty good popcorn, though. +1 for a good find on the sale items plus discount coupon.


@danielleroybrown: Technically it is 6.6 gal of popcorn for $25 plus $10 shipping. While I agree that is a pretty steep price, it 's a bargain compared to their regular price of $70 plus $10 shipping for the same thing.


This company is one of the biggest ripoffs. The best place to get gift boxes delivered is Costco's site. Even if you're not a member and have to pay the 10% surcharge you're still paying way less overall since shipping is always free.

If this was a company that hand delivered to the recipient then that might go quite a ways to justify the huge markup, but they arrive in cardboard boxes like any other package does.


@danielleroybrown: Actual the sale deal of 25 is for 2 tins or 7 gallons total.
I can't get kettle corn that cheap at my local farmer's mark.


@deniva: True true. I stand corrected. Still a good deal for their stuff. If you don't like that kind of thing or giving it then no.


walmart $5...idk if this is such a good deal.


Delicious! I feel hungry now!