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Looks like Amazon is back ordered as of 10:30 PM CDT--my delivery estimate (with Prime!) is Wednesday April 17, 2013 - Monday April 22, 2013. :(


I'm in for one.. glad to get this one. Also pre-ordered Pandora's Tower - which comes out this month for WII.


This game is so much better than Fable. Graphically this game is beautiful! There are few if any dull moments and side quests often feel like main quests. I just started it 23 hours ago and i feel like I have barely scratched the surface. Check it out for a measly 19 dollars.


Despite the sad fate of 38 Studios, this is a great game. It's similar in content and game play to Fable. It also a very long game. Even without undertaking all the side quests, there is quite a bit of content in the game. It was well worth the original price of $60 and at $19.99 it's a great deal.


38 Studios, the game's developers, defaulted on millions of dollars in loans they got from the state of Rhode Island. I hope some of this money goes to the state. Either way, I was told the game was pretty good, and I'd like to check it out at some point.


@flaeor: I'm not sure that it matters. For $19.99, this is an amazing game in my opinion.


Wonder where the money goes for a game whose developer went bankrupt. Guess it goes 100% to EA.