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Wonder where the money goes for a game whose developer went bankrupt. Guess it goes 100% to EA.


@flaeor: I'm not sure that it matters. For $19.99, this is an amazing game in my opinion.


38 Studios, the game's developers, defaulted on millions of dollars in loans they got from the state of Rhode Island. I hope some of this money goes to the state. Either way, I was told the game was pretty good, and I'd like to check it out at some point.


Despite the sad fate of 38 Studios, this is a great game. It's similar in content and game play to Fable. It also a very long game. Even without undertaking all the side quests, there is quite a bit of content in the game. It was well worth the original price of $60 and at $19.99 it's a great deal.


This game is so much better than Fable. Graphically this game is beautiful! There are few if any dull moments and side quests often feel like main quests. I just started it 23 hours ago and i feel like I have barely scratched the surface. Check it out for a measly 19 dollars.


I'm in for one.. glad to get this one. Also pre-ordered Pandora's Tower - which comes out this month for WII.


Looks like Amazon is back ordered as of 10:30 PM CDT--my delivery estimate (with Prime!) is Wednesday April 17, 2013 - Monday April 22, 2013. :(