dealshulu plus - free month for new members on ps3 for…


Tried it but it says that the trial is only good for a week at the payment screen (this was on a new account).


@killjoy: I don't know if it matters to get the month, but they have a hulu channel on wii


Hulu (even Hulu plus) = mucho mucho commercial breaks

Netflix = zero commercial breaks (and better content, IMO)


@i1patrick: But, no new content. Netflix doesn't come close to a cable replacement if you want to be all legit. Hulu does a respectable job, if still coming up short. Now's the time to get going in my opinion though. The NBC/CBS lineup is pretty Hulu friendly, in that they tend to go up next day. The summer season is more annoying, as a lot of programs I watch (a lot of USA Network and others) have a waiting period of often 30 days.

All in all happy with Hulu, and think one could get by with Hulu and Netflix with minimal or no supplimenting through morally ambiguous channels given a bit of patience. 8+8 < the rape cable companies charge.


Too many commercials for a paid streaming subscription.


@CITKING you did enter the promo code is: MYND-S3SZ-W5DV? It's for Hulu, so I guess maybe it's not just for PS3 try with the code and see. I currently have both Hulu and Netflix, Hulu gives me more of the TV shows and a few Movies, while Netflix has movies, and I also subscribe as an Amazon Prime member so I watch some stuff there that I can't see on Netflix nor on Hulu. :) They are not the same, unfortunately so to compare them would not be right.