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If I hadn't bought a kickass Sony stereo system, I'd definitely be all over this! This is a decent system for the price, I have seen and heard it in person before. 40 bucks is cheap!


No optical in? How is this surround sound? Its like 5 speaker stereo if you ask me. Sure its cheap. But I don't understand how its surround sound with only 2 channels.


With a brand like Coby, you can't go wrong.....


@mjhannaman: Point bump for the great sarcasm...



Optical in is not the only method of getting surround sound. I was curious, so I found the manual from Coby's web site:

Basically, there is a switch that goes between two modes "TV" and "DVD".

TV is stereo only, as you describe. There are only 2 input channels, so that's all you get out.

DVD has 5.1 input though. Front Left, Front Right, Surround Left, Surround Right, Center, and Sub.

So if you want to hook multiple devices up to this and have 5.1 out, you'd need to keep it on DVD, and use a receiver or switch box of some kind.

It should be okay if you don't expect much. One step above the speakers built into your TV, and that's all.


i have these and it sounds great in my family room, the only thing i wish was i bought these at this price!!!!


@mjhannaman: Points for that! :D

Really though, fellas, how do you expect them to equip this with HDCP-worthy digital optical inputs when:

1)As high as the wattage may be, I doubt that these speakers can really handle Tru-HD or Master sound well (it could probably do something as @pyromosh said, just a step up over your TV, and with better bass, doubtless)

2)You can't even buy a decent set of digital optical cables for much less than the price of this whole system...

I mean, come on, really? If you want a cheap, bass-thumping, entry-level 5.1 system, go for it! It'll surely perform decently, but don't expect THX level sound.


Mixed bag of reviews on Amazon:

Just can't get past that name.. Coby.. don't know what it is. Ah, I just figured it out! It reminds me too much of that anemic dork Toby on 'The Office'! These are exactly the speakers Toby would choose, I'm sure. "Hey Dwight, check out this awesome home theater set I just got." These speakers scream anemic, Toby-like sound.

There, I've said my piece. Off to listen to my Boston Acoustics system for a while.


I think Toby is the hottest guy on "The Office"


Wasn't coby one of those street corner brands like Rebooks or Guchi?


I have a Coby DVD player, very compact, purchased for travel (not the kind with a screen, just to have one for exercise DVDs while out of town for work). I think it cost $15. It worked like something that cost $15. Not bad, but not a name I associate with high quality.


I own this system. It was on Amazon for a while for $40. Anyways, it has super short cables to each speaker and if you try to use if for a PC you have to get RCA to 3.5mm jacks.

The speakers are decent and if you can't afford or don't want to pay more then I would suggest getting them. I got them to use with my Tritton decoder box that came with my headphones.