dealscastle: the complete second season (5 discs…


I admit that I voted for this because I like you, and want you to be happy, but that I have no idea what this show is about (although that's a clever name). I'm sure it's wonderful, though.


its an awesome show, if you like police comedy/drama tv shows with witty humor then this is for you.


This is well worth it! I've been following the show since its beginning, and it just keeps getting better!


The premise of this show sounds incredibly stupid.


Nathan Fillion - need I say more?

Thats enough for me! The chemistry between the two main actors is fun and flirty. It's a good show.


When I first heard about this show I thought it had the lamest premise ever, and it does. It's very cheesy and predictable but Nathan Fillion alone makes it great fun to watch. I suppose it's somewhat similar to what Bruce Campbell brings to Burn Notice. My wife and I never miss an episode of either.


@shrdlu: Thank you for the vote, though I don't care if my deals to go popular. I post because I like something and if I find a deal on it, I just want others to see it.

The show is indeed a fluff piece but I like Nathan Fillion and he always makes me laugh.


@theoneill555: Oh, it wasn't the effort to push it to popular; more the happiness to see something on Fresh I'd actually vote for. Weekends are so very boring in what gets posted that anytime something halfway decent shows up, I'm happy. I often make comments on things I like just to keep track of them. I finally realized why this show seemed familiar when you first posted it.

It reminded me of a short-lived series with Bill Bixby.

Such a generous human being. So very kind, and decent, off camera.


@shrdlu: Yes, I agree, weekends are really slow around here. Would you believe that I actually watched that series when I was a little kid? Bill Bixby was a favorite and it didn't hurt that the Hulk was his alter ego. Thank you, again, for the vote. :)


This show is very addictive. Thay's my type of show. Thanks.


C'mon, everyone admit it - you watch the show because of Stana Katic!