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Free for first month, 17.99 thereafter. I have FreedomPop and it is fine, although I didn't get the free month. I have the other modem, which is also portable, but I haven't really tried using it on the go. I assume it will get pretty good service anywhere as long as their servers are up.

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Don't do it. I accidentally and stupidly clicked on something I needed for work on Monday while I was working from home. Now I realize that clicking on that download was totally my fault, but I had set my Freedompop account to not automatically keep going or top-up when it gets to the limit. Instead of shutting down or warning me that I had done something stupid, they instead charged me a $10.00 fee for each increment or something. I'm not exactly sure what the increment is but I do know that I now have 5 $10.00 fees on my credit card for Monday's mistake. I'll go back to dial up, thank you.

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definitely have to do some research on this before using it. It isn't unlimited so tracking data usage is going to be key