dealstoshiba 46" 1080p led wifi hdtv (refurbished) for…


Looks like a nice price given the specs and features. However I always shopped for Samsung LED TV and from my Costco tours, the Samsung always stood out in contrast and vivid brightness of the colors. Anyone know if this TV is reliable? I was going to get that 60" Sharp for $1,199 but so many people had the same problems that I skipped on it.


@woot tang clan: TVs displayed in stores are typically in "store mode." The screens are brighter, the colors are more saturated, and so on. I bought an HDTV this fall and there was an insert in the packaging along with the section in the manual explaining how to turn "store mode" off and turn "home mode" on. "Store mode" shouldn't be used to compare screens. (But it's hard to find a salesperson who'll let you fiddle with the TVs to see how they'll look in your living room, admittedly.)

The TV I bought was a Toshiba -- like I say, I've used it for a few months; the only problem I've had is that it turned off by itself a couple of times. A little odd, but there was a firmware upgrade available and it hasn't happened since I upgraded.


I bought a Toshiba in January 2012. Worked for 9 months then fried the motherboard. Toshiba honoured the warranty, but didn't have any new boards in stock. After 30 days, 3 calls to the "support centre", and an e-mail to head office in Japan about the shameful wait, they sent me a new upgraded TV. If you buy it, GET THE WARRANTY. I did like the Picture quality.


For those that love Samsung products you are ripe for disappointment sometime.

Their customer service and product repair is horrible especially when it comes to DVD players of all types.

TVs are not bad but noting and I mean nothing including SONY does not beat Panasonic.

Toshiba is rot gut.


I was the first sucker, with slight buyers remorse (would have bought the Bowflex instead), but was hoping to get more comments to convince me this was a good deal. I'm getting the notion $100 cheaper would be, but this is more so the norm for refurbs anywhere. amiright?


the reviews I read overall were actually better than decent when the thing was $1600-$1200, so now that it's $600 shipped, I went for it.,2817,2387917,00.asp

The "negatives" are viewing angle, not-dark-enough-black, and slightly purple blue (which you can adjust in the color settings).

I got it for me and whomever fits on the couch directly in front of it, I don't really care about the darkness of black, and I'm not interested in 3D or more internet apps. This is the lowest price for a product in this range that I've seen, refurb or not (other than a couple of door-busters at Best Buy black friday and some terrible off-brand stuff like that Coby w00t yesterday), so I say rest easy.