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Okay, so I've wanted this for years, but I just get confused every time I look into it. It seems like there are a half dozen or so Planet Earths out there, each each being the whole collection, but each being quite different from the other. I never know what to buy.

Anybody else experiencing that, or am I crazy? And if I want aaaaall the Planet Earth that planet Earth has to offer, is this the one I'm looking for?


@deraj828: This is the one you want. David Attenboro's version is so much better. I grabbed this series last year on Blu-Ray for $24.99, and we love it. If you have a Blu-Ray player, I would recommend getting it on Blu-Ray, even if it is more, as it is fantastic in HD. There are other series that are similar to Planet Earth, like Life, and Blue Planet, but this one beats them hands down.


I absolutely LOVE this series, it gives you an inside look at the lives of creatures you've never even heard about, and amazing footage of ones you've known all your life (like seeing baby polar bears see daylight for the very first time).
Quick disclaimer for any Christians out there: this series does occasionally mention evolution as if it were fact, but it's not something they push on you, it's fairly subtle. (Still an amazing series, just like to give a heads up =))


Great series to watch with the whole family over the holidays.


Not sure how I got away with this, but in college, I would tell girls at parties about this series and how awesome it was, and then somehow convince them they just had to come over and see it that night, and then unfortunately, the DVD player is broken in the living room, but mine's working in my bedroom...

It even worked on my now wife! The only side effect is that now I have a weird reaction to Attenborough's voice...


@tossthedice: I never even noticed the evolution comments... maybe I was just too enthralled by how amazing the movies are!


@czarkingkaiser: I absolutely love how your comment follows the comment that says, "Great series to watch with the whole family over the holidays."

Hahaha, brilliant.


i bought this set a while ago at a MUCH greater expense and had to have it sent from england. STILL WORTH IT!


Does anyone know what the difference is between the Two Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo and the 6-disc version (under DVD)? I don't have a Blu-ray player... just trying to figure out what to buy.