dealsit's always sunny in philadelphia seasons 1-5 for…


is the $38.59 a bundled cost? my math shows 44.95 for the 5 seasons ($8.99 x 5). still a good deal at $44.95 for the lot.


actually it should be 35.96, since its 8.99x4. seasons 1 and 2 are bundled in the same package.


Seasons 1 & 2 are in one box set. So 4 x $8.99 + tax = $38.59. Some of your totals may be different due to different tax percentages per location. Hope that clears up any confusion. :)


Both Wal-Mart and Amazon had the 6pack, Seasons 1-5 + the Christmas Special for around $44, so this is probably the closest you'll get to that price, or you could always wait to see if it comes around again.