dealsproctor silex 1 liter electric kettle for $10.99…


Awsome kettle just got it works perfect


You can still get it for less than the listed price by clicking on other choices and then going to the Used tab and get one from Amazon Warehouse


Listed at $11.76, not 10.99. Perhaps they ran out of the 10.99 ones


This model requires you to physically plug and unplug the unit, unlike other cordless models that have a conductive base you can just lift off of. Marginally less convenient? Definitely. $10 less convenient? that's your decision.


@galapogos: the only way it would "slosh" out of the sides of the lid is if the water were touching that part of the lid, she was pouring way too fast. thank goodness she found the lid hard to open, she would scald herself when pouring and sue if that lid didn't hold tight.


it works well. just don't pour by holding high on the handle.


I concur. I've had this for years and it's amazing.


Have had this kettle for over 3 years now. Got it August 2009. Still works perfectly. Love it and would recommend it to anyone.


I have this kettle and it is wonderful. Heats very quickly. Very useful and reliable product.