dealsold school belt buckle sale – many styles…


Oh..this brings back memories...and mommyries...Happy Mothers Day!


Howard Wolowitz already owns every one... but I don't... yet!


The robot belt buckle looks like the best one out of all those!


I had a faint hope that the flat rate shipping was a total rate as I was thinking of getting a couple but it's per item.


@prosperouscheat: Nope, it is just what you hoped. The coupon code hoboninja-buckle makes it flat rate, $2.99 total shipping for everything in your cart.


Does it.. come with the belt? Do I have to attach it to my own belt? Do I use duct tape? Superglue? Help!


@1298ty: You need your own belt with a replaceable buckle. You can see the back of the Nintendo buckle on the second slide at the top of the HoboNinja homepage. On the other hand, duct tape may work too :)


@hoboninjadotcom: Thanks. That's what I get for checking the deal at 2 in the morning


@hoboninjadotcom: is there a search function on your site? i was looking for some specific styles (even if they aren't on sale :( ) and was trying, but not finding a way to search.


@moosezilla: I think all their products are on the front page? I don't see where you can click to view any more.


I haven't had a belt that would accept arbitrary buckles in many years. I thought that fad sort of went out of style (unless you were a cowboy or truck driver) with the Urban Cowboy fad of the early 80's...