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I know a similar deal was posted from pointing at Walmart.

The reason we use this with our teenage son is he can not accrue any unknown charges. The phone plan will not allow it. We started out with the $30 plan, big mistake he used 500 text in the first week after we told him to slow down on texting to make it last the rest of the month he used the remaining 500 text in 3 days. The good thing about this was the texting stopped working, they did not surprise charge us more, and the phone and internet kept working.


I looked into them a few months back. In my area they sell both GSM and CDMA phones. The last letter of the model number denoted which was which. That would determine the carrier you could access through. The prices were reasonable and the phones looked pretty decent (for a basic phone). If you mainly want to make calls and text, this looks like a great option. You can find reviews of their different handsets scattered around the internet.


@riocobra: I have bigger fingers and found the Samsung 451 slide out QWERTY, we own 2, top row of keys to be quite close to the ridge. That being said other family members, who use this phone every day, seemed to have no issue with this after some time getting used to it.
Basic phone, ya it is no Droid or iphone, but then again no mandatory data package either.