deals2 250w motorcycle/snowmobile speakers + amplifier…


It comes with a remote...You can't text and drive a car, but you can sure change your music while driving 100 mph down the interstate with one hand!


I have headphones in my helmet. Cost me all of about 15 bucks and a few minutes to sew them in and run the wires. Wind noise minimizes what you can hear on the highway anyway and even states where this isn't allowed generally don't enforce it.

Installing one of these avoids legal issues that headphones pose and allows for easier control though I generally set the music before I start and don't touch it til I'm sitting still in a parking lot. This makes the most sense if you have a big tourer but you do so at the peril of everyone in the parking lot you are blaring this in thinking you are a tool.


Note that this has a USB and an SD card slot for mp3s- pretty much was my reason for buying at a slightly higher price a while back. Having FM built in was just icing for me, all I wanted in a radio and an amp built in. For old Japanese cars with limited dash room it's a no brainer.