dealsnordstrom-shoe clearance


At those prices (even on sale) I'd rather shop zappos where shipping is free both ways and i can return a shoe that doesn't fit right.

Although if a nordstroms was in easy driving distance from me I'd so be there. I just don't like to buy shoes without trying them on first.


@attilathemom: I think the shoes are on sale at the store as well, not sure. I don't have a nordstorm with a large enough shoe selection that is close enough to know.


My wife buys stuff from Nordstrom's website all the time. If it doesn't fit, you can take it to the store to return it. (She does it all the time.)

Sometimes, she'll order several shoes in multiple sizes and simply returns the ones that don't fit.


Nordstroms Rack has better deals on shoes.


@fearthekirby: I would imagine so. These are what end up at Nordstrom Rack after the Season is over.

@bigtopgt: That is the one thing I love about Nordstrom. You can return shoes at pretty much any time as long as you have the receipt.