dealscleaning & breakroom supplies $10 off $40 or $20…


Can't get this coupon to apply to donut shop 18-packs.


Guys, it's worth noting that these work on Sodastream stuff, if you're into that.


@slowpoke: They don't work on items that are already on sale/ have instant coupon or discount savings.


@slowpoke I just used it on kcups (donut shop 36 pack) & the M&Ms (also on sale) and it worked. Try again?


Just ordered the soda stream fountain jet kit for $80 - $20 coupon = $60+tax. There is a $20 staples gift card after rebate as well… making it like $40 for me! Cartridge and bottle in the kit themselves add up to more than that :) Thanks OP!


DOES NOT work with Donut Shop K-Cups. I put 7 each of the 24 packs in my cart, added the coupon and got:
"Coupon not applied: Minimum order total requirement has not been met."

What bunch of crap.


UPDATE: I spoke with a CS rep and they've been having problems with all Breakroom coupons, not just these.

I gave her my order number & Staples account info. She was very nice and will be working to get me some sort of response.


UPDATE #2: The $20 off $60 coupon was applied!
Last night I made an order of Donut Shop K-Cups, and the coupon would not apply.

I logged into my Staples account to find the coupon had been applied!

Awesome!!! Thanks, OP!!!