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If it seems too good to be true...


If you look at their deals, they all seem to good to be true. An iPad 3 64gb wifi/lte for $450. An HTC One X unlocked for $390. I am very skeptical of this site. Anyone have any experience with them?


I just e-mailed the store seeking more information. I'm skeptically hopeful, as I'd love to get my hands on this tablet, but the $600 price tag is scary. This is a hell of a deal if it's legitimate.



Thanks for the mail and interest in our Product.....

Our Phones are brand new,Factory Sealed in their Original
Boxes and Come with One Full Year International Warranty from

We ship via fedEx courier services and it takes 48 hours deliver at your doorstep after payment is confirmed.How do you know your item was shipped? I'll provide you with a confirmation number for
proof of shipping.

Damaged or Defected Goods In the event that your goods arrive Damage on arrival, we will replace the goods with ones in working order & you will not be charged for this service.

How many pcs of ASUS TF201 64GB (Transformer Prime) tablet do you intend to buy?

Find attach picture of ASUS TF201 64GB (Transformer Prime) tablet



There were three pictures of the boxed product with the keyboard. This may very well also include the $150 keyboard, a crazier deal still. I sent another response asking if they only sell in bulk, I'll let you all know what I hear back.


Update: I'm willing to bet this is not legitimate. During checkout using a dummy e-mail, the Country dropdown is not populated with any countries. Okay, I work in the webspace, I understand that bugs like these happen. However, another dropdown is for state, which contains all fifty states as well as D.C., but there is a separate field for state (again). Now, if you check their About section, they claim to be based out of the U.K., so it seems strange that a dropdown would contain the US states and be a required field. Lastly, zip code is not a required field for billing, but it is for shipping. It does use secure HTTP for the checkout (, but the www18 is concerning.

All in all, I'm still awaiting another e-mail, because I'd love to be proven wrong, but make your own decision. I'm just providing information.


Still have not received a followup e-mail. I am not going to risk it, and I advise that no one else does either.