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Not a fan of proprietary financial instruments ( that would not otherwise be used as an inducement to buy.

Like having to apply for a credit card in order to get a discount. By this line of thinking we could post everything sold by Amazon since they virtually always offer to take $20/30/50 off your order if you apply for their credit card.


@bluemaple: It's nothing like applying for Amazon credit, Check out via by Visa is a secure way to place your order online using your personal debt or Visa card, You will not be applying for any credit card or any line of credit, it's no different than using PayPal or Google checkout. I would rather pay using from Visa than letting an online merchant store my card info.


@ltsami: but at is not my normal and preferred method of payment. I guess it is a matter of opinion.

(Since method of payment is a preference issue, 'not sure why that rates a down vote. I very rarely down vote comments - even tho it is easy to do anonymously. And I did not down-vote your deal either.)


I was going to buy this until I saw you had to sign up for something to get the deal. What a scam!


I signed up for because of an advertised "deal" where I was supposed to get a free $20 gift card for doing so. Do you think I ever got that card? No!