dealssony blu-ray player (refurbished) for $39.99…


I got two of these last year, I think for the same price, from Sony's eBay outlet store. Both refurbished, arrived in a plain box with just the remote and some packing material. Maybe a brief instructional note, don't recall. Both have been working fine and seem to do well as 'net streamers if you don't already have a PC or game console to do so. Those systems do streaming better, it's a little clunky navigating around the BDP-S185 but it does get the job done. For <$40 it's tough to beat, but take note it is only "WiFi ready", it does not have that built in. I had been watching the Sony outlet for them to offer these at this price again, tempted to jump in on one from

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I like bluray players bur refurbished players make me nervous since there is a lot that can go wrong. The sony bdp-bx2 that I own had to be retired because it could not deal with new BD discs probably because of improved copy protection. I risked turning it in to a brick by updating the BIOS successfully and it still would not play so don't buy old model players.


@mybestuser1: I agree with you, as I am sort of skeptical about a refurbished unit, but also realize that a refurbished unit might have corrected problems with the original brand new device. Sometimes these refurbish units are recalls made and once fixed are placed back into the market at a lower price. As another poster said, for under $40 it is hard not to get one, especially after offering 1 yr warranty instead of the normal 90 days.