dealsthinkgeek coupon code


I used Gift10 2 days ago to take $10.00 off $40.00 and it worked great!


Since when do we have coupon codes on Deals.woot?

Usually it's coupon codes associated with an item, not on their own....


Since always.

Why do you hate freedom?


Used it 4 times, worked out better than 1 order saved $12 more with accounting for shipping charges.

Wish they would do percentage off so I didn't have to fuss with 4 orders UPS can lose.


Worked nicely. I had $49.97 (dammit) in my cart so I put in the code after shipping was added. Miniature Cupcake Factories make good presents for moms because it means your mom will make more cupcakes. Everybody wins.

If you spend $40 you can use the code RUBIKFREE to get a free one of these (normally $18, good stocking stuffer or what have you):


@katefeetie: Thanks for sharing the coupon for the free item!

I was able to use both coupon codes on the same order and they both worked like a charm, so I got the free cube and $10 off. Thanks!


Hey everyone, just a heads up, I placed an order at think geek last week and today received the wrong order! Nothing I ordered was inside, and there was nothing that I wanted inside. Talked to the customer service rep, got a certificate out of the deal, but now I have to return this stuff. And one of the things I ordered was an electronic butterfly in a jar which is sold out until at least Jan! So I had to take a refund and break my roommate's kid's heart. The guy says they're switching warehouses so they're having this problem a lot. Since the invoice in my order was correct, I have no idea where my package was.


Works just fine. Just used it on an order of 40+ bucks. Subtracted 10$ from my order.


Thanks alot! I'll give it a shot