deals20% off sitewide for woot customers


Wait... haven't been on WOOT in awhile, do we still hate BudK or are they ok now?


@staticbzzz: They still make crappy products but they supposedly took everyone off the mailing list.

Hopefully this works:


@staticbzzz: i'm still hating, but that's just me....


Generally low quality stuff (but with the price, you get what you pay for) and notorious junk mailer.


I've voted down most every BudK woot offer in the past year, but not this one. They've stopped catalog spamming me and my friends so much. 20% off is certainly a grand gesture. I feel like maybe they got the message and want to fix it.

Okay, BudK. You've won me back as a customer.


The promo code discount is not working. It only puts a discount on an item when there are TWO instances of it in the basket. So is the deal "buy TWO get ONE 20% off"? Plus, the discounted item went from 14.98 to 14.00, which is not 20%. This is BUDK's chance to make good with wooters. Its not working on me.


FYI, in case this matters to you before you do business with this site:


I wonder what on earth it must cost them to mail bomb everyone with those god awful full color catalogs?

They were pretty sizable.
They would send me two of them with each volley of mail...I'm pretty sure I'd have to order something fairly expensive to break even with them now. Not going to happen.

You are right though. They have stopped sending them.


I have been meandering on this website quite a few times. Always seems too good to be true. Also doesn't seem to change its closeouts.