dealssave 40% on select games


Does Origin still mine your computer for data like it used to? I heard they had some agreement with the EULA or something.

The reason I ask is there are a lot of games on Origin that I want to play, but I absolutely will not if I have to install a program that is quite literally going to spy on me.


Too bad i can't buy Xbox Keys


They don't mine your data. The original user-end license agreement had some very unfortunate wording and thanks to that they have had horrible PR ever since.


@kikuichimoji: No, they don't mine for data EULA issue.
They do, however, still suck.
1 - EA customer service is awful.
2 - Don't expect kindness from them in the forums. Oh, by the way, if you get banned from the forums, you can't play your games. Yes, even in single player. Their word filter auto-bans, and can ban you for being cursed AT.
3 - Origin is essentially like steam, but not as good. Despite EA hypocrisy (They said sales like these were never gonna happen because "it devalues IP"), you will still have to be online to play a game, there are bugs and glitches abound, and there's less features.
4 - EA kicks puppies for fun. Do you really want to support someone who kicks puppies? (documented fact... I think)

There are some good games on here. Red Alert 3 still competes for one of my favorite RTS games out there. Battlefield BC2 was pretty good, as was DA:Origins. If you don't hate origin, this is a decent deal, but please, think of the puppies.


I just don't understand why a year after it came it out, Origin still only works right 50% of the time. Steam worked fine from day one, with probably half the potential budget backing it up.


You will see these games with better deals at other places (Steam, Green Man Gaming, Amazon).

Matter of fact, they want $17.99 for Dragon Age:Origins Ultimate Edition and Amazon has it for sale right now for $7.49.


@bradychan7: I'm far from a supporter of Origin (probably never going to install it), Steam was a total piece of garbage when it came out. The only real reason I think it's doing better now is because computer specs have greatly improved while the program hasn't changed a whole lot.

I remember it would take longer for Steam to load & stop locking up my computer than it would for me to load up TFC and join a server.


40%???!?! PEOPLE get ready for REAL sales 50-75 even 80%. steam summer sale is around the corner


Save your money. The Steam summer sale is only 1 week away, and you will get all of these games for a much better price, and from a much better service.


40% off games! Great! On Origin... nevermind.


Yeah I have to say I've never had a good experience in dealing with Origins. From having to literally download content I bought online from another retailer twice (amazon BF3) to the glitchy dealings with other games I can not condone such shenanigans, even at a discount.


Don't buy from Origin. They shipped me a game in a completely busted case, still shrink wrapped. No damage to the shipping box or other games in the package. I called them for months and never got anywhere on getting a replacement, or even just another case. I gave up and bought my own replacement case. Never again.