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Do these iBlink headphones really blink?

Just checked...and YES THEY DO! "With patented audio-optic technology, these earbuds feature lights that flash to the sound output of any device with a 3.5 mm headphone headphone jack."


I'm in for one (apparently, there is a limit of 1 per customer). Thanks for this! Just happened to be in the market for some cheap earbuds anyway!


Do you decide if you want them to blink or not? It seems a bit annoying to me.


Discription on Amazon says you can turn the light off.


I can only imagine the auricular diarrhea that comes out of these. That being said, cheap headphones you don't mind ruining with sweat when you're running are nice. Even better if they light up, so I'm in for some.


I was able to add more than one to cart, but shipping is $2 per item, so I only proceeded with one.

PricePlunge5 takes 5% off your order (22c off, per item! Yeah!)


Anybody know if these come with mics at all?


@catlord: I had the same problem but you can get around the purchase limit by buying different colors.


I don't want to have lights blinking on my headphones using up power. Otherwise I'd get them. Now of course they won't take up much power but it's still significant to me.


Do you want people to look at you and say "wow look at that faggot."
then buy these headphones.