dealstake $10 off orders $25+, $20 off $50+, $30 off…


I just used a 40% off coupon code for some major service I need to do for my car. Great deal. The rest of the parts I purchased, I got from even with 40% off from Advance it was still cheaper. So be sure to shop around on some of the bigger items you may need.


I have $109 worth of stuff in my cart yet I am only getting $20 off. Is there fine print anywhere?


Agree, Rock Auto is hard to beat. Recently purchased auto battery from Advance ,Visited three

stores to find one that had been sitting on the shelf only six months, One was over a year old,

not good at all. If purchasing battery check manuf. date.


@tdearden: Make sure you don't have any oils or other chemical items in your cart. Also sale items will not be discounted.