dealskitchenaid 5.5 qt professional 550 stand mixer…


Is anyone getting these links to work?


A Copy and paste works. I did a search and read reviews on this company, not favorable to say the least. I decided to not order no matter how good the deal offered.


I ordered mine from Gilt a while back. Use one email to sign up, send the referral link to yourself at a second email, sign up and purchase, and you'll get a promo ($25 or $30 off- PLUS the referring party (yourself) gets the same deal.) In other words, I got the mixer, $25 off (and a $30 MIR from Kitchenaid) AND $25 for future use. Trouble is, They don't have a lot of stuff in my wheelhouse, so I still have the $25 credit. Shipping was fast and the mixer ended up costing me $194, shipped, after mail in rebate!


@tcayer: You are my hero,l can I just pay you $20.00 to do that for me, and I'll give you all the info, cuz I didn't understand none of it.