dealsmilitary care package for $0.00 + free shipping


Can I send this on someone else's behalf? I don't know anyone still in the military, but I'd love to send this to a trooper if I had their info.


I got one of these about a year ago. they are pretty nice.


Almost positive this is a dupe, I think I remember this causing a bunch of conflict because of the folks putting in (edit: profanity) service info and sharing bunk paygrades...brb, gonna check. [I'm not tattling or trying to kill it, just reminiscing :) ]


[ed] haha...okay, well considering you added this last time, I'm gonna guess you probably already knew that.


@drchops: Okay, I guess I don't get it. The last one that was posted was 8 months ago and shows RIP (at least, according to your link). Can't this now be posted and not be considered a duplicate?


@barnabee: Nope. "@jumbowoot: Duplicate = same item + same price + same store + same event"

But for all I care this could be posted monthly, I like it.

And what's RIP got to do with it? He just expired it himself lol. Look at the "STATS" box.. Expired 4 hours ago


My sisters in the Navy and I cant send one.....doesnt like my military pay grade!


@drchops: Not a dupe if it's a repeat of a deal from months back. If you don't like it, don't read it. Grow up. Who elected you woot police?


@tcayer: Uhhh? We are ALL Woot Police.
That's why it is a community based deals site.
If you see BS, call BS, just be able to explain why.

@DrChops recalled seeing this, looked it up and documented his point.

I'm not sure I understand what your point is?
How would you propose handling a duplicate like this?


I got one of these back on my last deployment. If I remember correctly it was a 2GB Scion Flash Drive, a Scion Hat/Shirt, and some pamphlets on the new Scion :D

The Flash Drive was kinda cool..


@mylonh: Not condoning this...but if your sister is legitimately enlisted, you could maybe accidentally type a paygrade that did work..

Just outta curiosity, what's the problem?


@tcayer: What the hell are you talking about? Did you even READ what I said?
Or did the troll in you just see a chance at conflict and get excited?
Why don't you make clear to me exactly what what you're responding to, which comment? Quote me.

Was it: "I'm not tattling or trying to kill it, just reminiscing :)"
Or maybe it was: "But for all I care this could be posted monthly, I like it."

Also, I LOVE how you made sure to only downvote the comment that didn't already have upvotes. I totally understand; You want to make a point...but certainly not at the expense of your "rep."

And I hate to use words like "stupid" or "immature" or "troll" so I won't.


@tcayer: Oh, and just so we all know...would you mind posting a link to the comment that says it's okay to add a deal, if the duplicate is kind of old?
You know, the link link that contradicts this one :D


Well I wish veterans could get one because I drive a Scion tC and I would love to have Scion stuff. But it has been many, many years since I served.

Why is there arguing over giving something to our troops. People lighten up. Look at the other posts, people have received it before and liked it. Do you think WOOT would still have it up this late if it wasn't working this time?
Peace man leave the conflict for the battlefield.


@drchops: I know this is OT for this thread and should take it elsewhere, but (even though I know better, I'm gonna do it anyway ;).....
Is it okay to RIP an old deal and then re-post it? You know, kinda like "bumping" an old post. Or is considered bad form? I don't care about the rep points (didn't know they existed until 2 days ago doh!), I just don't want to accidentally be rude by screwing up.
I'm new to the deal.woots things, and haven't read all the fine print on the rules. (Just been killing time comparison shopping while on break)


i enjoyed this deal the last time I received the items while deployed to Afganistan.


@mylonh: Are you putting her E-, W- or O- grade? Like E-5 for Petty Officer 2nd Class? Or are you putting PO2 or IC2 for her rating? It probably wants the basic E- etc.

BTW, one squid to another, thank your sister for her service.


I actually did this one for my wife who is a US Army Reservist who spent last year in Afghanistan. I figure she deserves all the swag she can get. So I'll gladly put in an order for her. Too bad they don't have shirts in a size small. :( Thanks to all the soldiers doing the dirty work! And happy new years to all.


Ok, from what i can tell, this won't work for me IF I want to send packages to my nephew and brother in Afghanistan. Only they can order a care package for themselves.


If you guys want to try sending random packages check out

Looks like you can get mailing information for soldiers and send them care packages. Might be worth a shot.


@xerokills: I was kind of shocked that they didn't have size small either. I'm Army Reserves too and please tell your wife thank you and glad she is home safe!


I ordered this for my husband when he was in Iraq last year, and I just ordered one for him in his current Asia-Pacific deployment now.

No issues. So, you CAN order it for someone else, but you have to have a separate e-mail address for them. If you're doing that, it's possible someone has already ordered one for them with that e-mail address.


@dcpotts: Honestly? I have no idea :D

But if you look at it from a "technical" perspective, I'd probably say "no." Since the deal never actually ended, and all you did was RIP a deal that's still good.. nothing has ACTUALLY changed.

But from a "reality" perspective...well, this deal has 162 votes :)

[ed] @tpscan: Totally forgot to say thanks earlier...I think I typed it in that comment back to that one guy, then accidentally closed the window heh


Yes, I expired the old one today, because I heard this was a reinstatement from a source. Being a reinstatement, the old deal had to end, just no-one expired it.


Dont do it ... ITS A TRAP! They're all back from the iRaq...


@dep3che: Do you think we don't have any military anymore?!?! Or that we aren't in other countries?


Our troops may be home from Iraq, but my son is deploying to Afghanistan next week. Don't believe what the news media tells you.


@1sillychick: God bless your son, you, and the rest of your family.


@1sillychick: No need to thank me, thank your son for me though.


It looks like you can't send these to someone else unless you know their paygrade...I'd love to send to a loved one (air force, currently near Kabul) but don't have the necessary info. I understand they don't want anybody lying about their status just to get a free package, but wouldn't they assume with a military base address in Afghanistan that they actually are military? (And here I am complaining about a company sending free stuff.)


It's not a duplicate! It's a repeat of an old deal that was popular. I posted a deal for free Coke 12 packs months ago. That sale ended. They just went on sale again for the same deal and someone else posted it. That's NOT a dupe, it's a repeat of a sale. A dupe is two links to the same deal. And for you woot police- i DID call BS! On his comments! You like it? You're not going to tattle? Then WHY bring it up at all. YOU"RE the troll starting crap, and I called you on it... And if it WAS continually valid, what's wrong with re-posting it to bring it back to people's attention? Obviously it's a popular deal!


Attempted to send this to an address yesterday but I was given multiple errors. It's a shame, my husband and father are retired AF thus not entitled. I thought I could at least do something nice for another soldier.


Thanks for the link. The stuff on there was quite expensive so I just sent cash. But it is a great site.