dealsoakley vault sunglasses sale & winter clearance


if i did not have a zillion sunglasses already I might bite. Seems like good discounts, and buying from Oakley directly prevents long as this is from Oakley?


@fit410s: They're legit. I ordered a pair from almost identical to a pair I already owned. With the exception of the color, the fit and finish is all the same.


@fit410s: They are. Oakley Vault is the Oakley clearance site. If you have doubts, just go to Oakley's website, hover over "Store" and the very last link is Oakley Vault.


@zollars23: Yep. There are even Oakley Vault stores in outlet malls.


Great way to get real Oakley sunglasses for a big discount.

Some people buy Oakley for the looks: you aren't going to get the most popular styles here. If you are like me, and are buying Oakley for the best optics available this is the way to go. I run outside, a good fair bit. I had been running in South Florida when the sun was very high: a great pair of sunglasses aren't optional in that setting. Oakleys (especially polarized) are the bomb. If you take care of them they will also last years.