deals3m mpro 110 - portable projector for $77.77


is it worth it? i just wanna watch movies


@cheezemonger: i got the one from woot last week, i think it was the 120 or 220 or something.. it is a little blurry at about 5 feet on my wall, but it's definitely good enough. this is almost half the price, so it might be a little worse, but for $80 i'd say go for it.


This projector is awful.

However, $77 is such an awesome deal, I'd say go for it!

This thing is so much fun to play with, it would be well worth the price. I would use as a novelty only though.


Useful for artists to transfer images to canvas. Or to the wall if you're doing a mural. I borrow the big LCD projector from work to do my transfers, but if you don;t have access to one this could do the trick.


This is tempting, but it's only 2 more lumens than that toy eyeclops projector.

vote-for1vote-against idea of the quality - and I'm ignoring the fact that the Eyeclops was mentioned in the same sentence as this lol...

I just like mini-projectors. Dunno why - they're just cool. If I had a little extra money I'd buy it...but I think I'll wait for a "good" one..

Did anybody pick up one of those Pico's that Woot! was selling like a month or two ago? Were they any good?


I bought a Pico.

So far, I have only turned it on and viewed the power on screen, on a wall about 10 feet away.
That part was pretty impressive. It is amazing how something so small can put out a (relatively) bright and sharp image like that.

I think it was a good deal.

I haven't used it on any video source yet, but coincidentally, I was planning to tonight.


@superninja: Appreciate the info man...lemme know how your viewing goes heh...

That's definitely gonna make my decision easier to make when I can finally afford one...

I should still probably educate myself on 'em a little more - I remember seeing some with really good white-screen emulation (not sure if that's exactly what it was called, but it made projection on colored stuff look awesome)...they had some with throw distances of like a few inches too. There's some pretty damn cool stuff...


@cheezemonger: Not even close for your needs. You'd be MUCH better off getting an "old" (1-3 years) home theater projector on eBay or craigslist. This is fine as a child's toy or cheap presentation tool, but nothing more. Good luck.


This really is just a novelty. Not even good enough for a work presentation, much less any real multimedia...


This one worked fine in a fairly dark lounge on a 747 - group of 6 watched the movie, listened on the laptop speakers. Not bad at all. It's not much larger than a pack of cigarettes (remember those?) and as long as you work within its limits you won't be disappointed. I'm in for one.


I just tried out the Pico, with a DVD movie playing off a portable DVD player.

The image is a little dark, but not too bad.
The room has to be quite dark.
It puts out up to a decent 3-4 foot diagonal image, but larger than that and it starts to get too dark to be enjoyable.

It's ok as a temporary substitute for a medium sized lcd screen.

And you would definitely want to mount it on a tripod, and project the image onto a very smooth/clean/white surface.