dealslego star wars tie defender set for $29.47


I remember this from the "TIE Fighter" video game I played back in the 90s. Seems pretty cool that they went to the trouble to make a full Lego set out of a ship that was in a PC game from almost 20 years ago.

Holy cow. That WAS almost 20 years ago. Man, I'm old.


@rayray8822: Good call on the old LucasArts Game. More information than you require here:


If it weren't for the shipping, I'd uprank this. "Not sold in stores" either, so that sucks.


@rayray8822: Hah, yeah my first thought on seeing this was "hey, I remember flying one of these!"

I prefer the looks of the Interceptor, alas it didn't have shields...


fun games. also in the books. I'm glad that the first time I saw star wars was the un-altered original versions.


Free shipping and 5% off if you're a Red Card holder...


Best one was Tie alliance or whatever its called. it came out late 90s and had really good graphics plus you could fight even the eclipse and have like 96 ships in a single battle!


These are discontinued - so Target must have found some in the warehouse stashed in the corner.

Great build - I bought one last year.


This is a fun kit. But it sits oddly and I have a hard time finding a place to put it without fear of it falling over and breaking. You can set it on its end, but it looks weird.


Oh how I loved TIE CD. Those were great days, fighting insurrection in the Empire. Wish they'd bring something like that back. Had to get this rare kit, even if the price was a bit high.


Oh how I loved TIE Fighter, totally in for 1. This will go on my Star Wars Shelf!