dealslindsay lohan's commerative dvd set for $1.77


But wait - there's more!

Order in the next 20 minutes and we will throw in, absolutely FREE:

(1) Voucher for a 28-day Celebrity Rehab program
(1) Pre-stained Vomit-Tee from Lindsay's PERSONAL laundry hamper
(1) Year's subscription to the National Enquiring StarTattler's Get-A-Life supplement

All Yours, Absolutely Free (just add shipping & handling)

"This is a better deal than my teeny martini spaghettini bellini" -Vince Chamwow


This needs to go to the front page, NOW!


Sometimes I wonder if things like this will one day be worth money. I mean if you had a Marilyn Monroe something from back then, it may be worth something. Tacky, dated things seem to sell, just a thought. Not that Lilo or Paris is in the same class...


@zippy the pinhead: a kind of laughed out loud at that one!


I would accept this if they paid me a sum of 6.5 million pounds or $10 million. I only respond to scam requests through the email over this total and this should be an acceptable amount to receive to take this piece of carp DVD off of their hands!


@m2swim: you know what they say, "one man's crap is another man's treasure"


@justdealsadmin: Or, in this case "One man's crap... is still crap"