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This might be the right price for me to buy a mechanical keyboard. Is there anything I should know about these, or what the difference between the normal and black switch models are?


@rtrubinas: The different colors of switches refer to the type of switches that are under the keys in the mechanical keyboards. They differ in things such as when the key is registered and how hard you need to press the key. Black switches are generally accepted to be better for gaming, but I'm not expert in this subject(I use a Logitech G110, which is not a mechanical keyboard).

This forum thread may help you. Look for the section that says "Common Key Switches" in humongous letters.


I don't quite understand why so many people disliked the first commenter's comment.

Anyone know about the quality of these keyboards? It seems strange that they are having a sale such that their new keyboards are cheaper than the refurbished models.


@rtrubinas: black switches are linear (no tactile feedback [bump]) but require a decent amount of pressure to press. Harder to press than reds, which are the lightest of the keys.

I prefer reds, but if it's cheap enough I would get a black keyboard for a backup.


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Even when you checkout as a guest, they automatically create you an account at their store.

"For your Convenience, we've created you an account on Cooler Master Store so you can check the status of your order and checkout quicker in the future"

If i wanted an account, i would have checked the box to register.