dealsroughneck 32-gallon trash can-17780134 for $9.88


Us saltwater reef tank owners use these to mix up fresh saltwater. They hold up quite nicely. Great price.


Bought 4 of these around Labor day when they were on sale for the same price. They got sold out on line really fast, but my local Home Depot had 100's of them in stock. Great buy!!!


I picked up a couple of these on Tuesday and you cant beat them for $10 a piece. Now lets see how well they hold up to the garbage men. They like to take them and throw them in the air.


Garbagemen ran over mine with their truck ... not even a scratch! I'm in for 2 more today from my local store...


I bought two of these before. One I use for recycling and the other I use for sand/salt for my driveway in the winter time. These are really good quality and great price. I wonder how you ship a 32 gallon trash can?


I went to my local Home Depot last time these were on here for this price. They had dozens of them in stock. They had stuffed all the lids inside the stacks of trash cans, so the lids were bent up and the trash cans were stretched into an oblong shape and no longer round. I sorted through most of them and never found one trash can and lid that would stay on or make a seal. I was glad I didn't order online and find this out when it got to my house. Hopefully your store will keep them in better shape than mine.

Also I have been to Home Depot a few times since then and this appears to be their normal price.


@mcullers: I had the same problem but I forced the lid onto the can and left it that way on my patio where the sun hits for at least four hours. By the end of the day it was mostly round again with just the slightest lean toward ellipse.