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1and1 aka Also known as the spammer hosting provider that said that they couldn't respond to or correct spam emitting from their network due to "European Privacy Regulations". They seem to have cleaned up their act somewhat recently, but they're still hosting malware distribution sites and botnet controllers.

See for details.


@rhmurphy: ur the man, very nice info. tyvm


These websites are always templated junk, and are a poor reflection of the quality standards for any business that uses them. use your local website designers.


I canceled my 1 and 1 website after my first year with them. When I pulled a copy of my credit score, I found that this company reported a collection for unpaid service. I never received anything from them indicating a problem, but now I have a bad mark on my otherwise excellent credit rating. Now I can either live with it, or spend lots of time trying to get it fixed. Based on the number of down votes, I must not be the only one that had a problem with them.


@mikegrmi: I went through the same issue as you did with them and I responded to the collections notices with a fair credit reporting act request for additional information regarding the charges. I did not have an issue after that.

Look into things, it may take time to clear your credit but it's not difficult.


I've been using 1&1 for my domain names for years and never had any issues. Two months ago I signed up with their business hosting package and I've got to say that I'm really satisfied as I can have multiple sites pointed to same hosting area, but show different content. I do agree that their templates are not top of the line, but price vise, they are one of the cheapest, but offers great features, especially over on their hosted services. I've not used their "my website plus" as I liked thefeatures and price for the do it your self hosted plan.