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It's a decent card for how old it is. I believe I bought it a couple years ago around $150. It runs Skyrim on Ultra with the high-res texture pack with decent performance, so if you're building a good computer on a budget, this isn't too bad. Normally I'd recommend Newegg, but they don't sell this anymore.


This is also made a bit of a better deal due to the fact that it is the original 256-bit model. The ones available now are 192-bit in order to not compete with the GTX 560 that proceeded it. EVGA has a refurb 192-bit card for 80 bucks. I think it is about 10% less potent, but the price is sweeter.

This is also a great deal for the early adopters looking to upgrade to SLI. They need a 256-bit model, and they aren't very common anymore.