dealsstar wars heroes & villains pancake molds for $9…


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Be careful when making pancakes with these, you want to use as little batter as possible per pancake.


Be careful not to burn the Yoda one, don't want him on the dark side.


These are also available at this price in-store if you have a Williams-Sonoma near you. The heroes and villains cookie cutters are also on sale for $9.95, both online and in-store...


@wnyx585am: Also see the same thread for how much the pancake molds suck.

If you're looking for a fun gift (or even for yourself), the cookie cutters are a much better bet.


That's no pancake...

(I didn't check the previous post, so apologies if that joke has been made)


These are kind of a pain in the neck to use. The idea is okay, but using them is... tricky. The batter sticks to the molds, and actually getting character-shaped pancakes out of them (especially the stormtrooper, which has a LOT of little nooks and crannies in it) is, at best, a one in six chance.


You'd be better off getting a squeeze bottle full of batter, drawing an outline and inner details of whatever character/shape/animal you want, letting it cook a few moments, and then filling it the rest of the way with batter.

Here's are some videos that might explain it better (and happen to be Star Wars themed, too):


Awesome! I knew I saw these in a catalog somewhere, but couldn't remember where, and a deal too! What could be better? (someone making the pancakes for me I guess).


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