dealssesame street cd - songs and stories


Great find, my granddaughter will love it... thanks...


@tarasadies: Just found a DVD Kit with educational Sesame Street stuff as well :)


@dmaz: Awesome, we just took her to Sesame Street Live last week... she was in awe. thanks again...


I'm sure my kids will love it, thanks.


"This teachers' activity book and the accompanying CD of songs and stories helps educators reach children with simple, memorable fire safety messages. The kit also includes one reproducible coloring book and one wall poster. The kit is restricted to preschools, elementary schools, and fire departments. "


Are there any songs by Sherlock Hemlock? What about Sam the Robot? Any luck on Roosevelt Franklin? If not, it's not worth it.


@dillydally: Many school related deals have been posted in the past. Many of the users here are teachers, so, if you like, this deal is for them, then. Whether or not everyone will actually follow through on that is a personal "moral", or whatever, decision ;)


Maybe FEMA should spend more money on fighting fires instead of this kinda stuff. Seems like a waste.

Plus I am not sure I want my kids coloring in a picture of Elmo and hot things around the house and then wanting to go play with the iron or toaster because of it. ( see Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Color and Learn)

That all said, in for on CD. Thanks. :)