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This is a pretty damn good set if you're an Indy fan. I wrote a review of it for DVD Talk, which you can check out at


Too bad they had to contaminate the set with a copy of KOTCS. I'd rather get the Blu-Ray versions of the first and third movies for less than the set of four?


Sweet! Original Trilogy plus a coaster!


Anyone know what's on the 5th disc?


Per @enderzero09i, I'd assume a nice frothy beverage.


@atmosphere: One new documentary and a bunch of extras from past releases. Check my review linked above for a complete list.


@randymilleriii: I was rather disappointed when I heard that was the content of the 5th disc. I was really hoping it would have the young indiana jones chronicles on it.


I've figured out the key to be an Indiana Jones fan:
"Something, something, Raiders vs. Crusade...
Something, something, Crystal Skull sucks."

Nah...but Crystal Skull sucked.