dealsthe walking dead: season one on blu-ray for $19.99


awesome show. can't wait to see what they do in season 2.


This price has dropped because the special edition is coming out with extra features and a version of the pilot in Black and White to match the look of the comics. Here's the special edition that comes out Oct. 4th:


This is a price drop?

FYI, the first season is only SIX episodes long!


I'm in for one, I need to free up some space on my dvr. I can't wait until season 2 starts


Will this be on Hulu or anything of the sort? I skipped cable for streaming, but I heart Walking Dead :\


I'm cross posting my comment from the super deluxe $35 edition, because they apply to the normal $20 version.

DISCLAIMER: I have not read the comics/graphic novels, but I would like to. I have a feeling they're a million times better than the show.

I wanted to like this show A WHOLE LOT MORE than I liked this show. Like any good American, I love zombies (and bacon), but I felt like the show was a bit of a let down. The story itself is fine, but I wasn't engaged by the characters. I don't know. I can't see myself paying this much money for six episodes (and related bonus material?).


@brendan948725: doubtful hulu will be getting this. they had the first episode up after it aired with details specifying it was only temporary and nothing past that first episode - more like a way to advertise it. same thing with rubicon on amc.