dealsasus black 23" hdmi led widescreen monitor for…


Promo code seems to work, with the condition of agreeing to "receive additional deals and promotions through our free e-mail newsletter."

Don't have this specific monitor myself, but do have a 23" LED-backlit monitor (HP 2311x)--if you have yet to have a 22" or bigger/1080p monitor, this is a good value/good chance to get one. It definitely upgrades your computing experience.


I've got two of these monitors running right now and paid more than this for each of them, and still felt like they were very worth it. At this price, this is a steal!


I bought one of these from Newegg a couple months ago for about 170 on sale. I love it, I want 2 more!
edit: Anyone know how long the promo code is good for?


@undesputed: You can unsubscribe later, but you probably won't want to. It's worth it to get their daily Shell Shocker e-mail, and the near-daily e-mail of sales.


I have the 23.6" version of this monitor. I don't know what kind of LED's are in the monitor, but color reproduction sucks.


@colebeck: The $30 off promo code is available until 2-4 whereas the $20 mail-in-rebate card is only available to those who purchase the monitor before 1-31. So basically if you want this monitor for $120, buy it before 1-31.