deals24-pack philips long-life zinc carbon batteries…


Junk. Alkaline > Heavy-Duty > general-purpose (These batteries)


this is an awful deal. that date code means these were made years ago and sat on a shelf somewhere. like the above commentor mentioned these are junk! the only people that buy batts of this chemistry/quality are places like the local circus that want their free toys to glow for the few hours that night


Another deal to avoid from Dailysteals,bad product from a very poor deal site.


I have gotten these batteries before, not the best, but good for the TI-89!


i'd steer clear of these batteries. they last a tenth of the time of regular alkaline batteries (Duracell, Energizer).


As others have indicated - steer clear of these.. There are better deals currently for better quality batteries... These are only 'decent enough' for IR remote controls - and even in this case, you will find yourself replacing them more than you'll likely care to.