dealsboston market 2012 tax relief plan - buy 1 meal…


You know... I'm 100% positive I saw this deal posted yesterday or Sunday. And now it's no where to be found. You didn't by chance delete your own deal so you could post it again did you?


No, I didn't. Woot did. Apparently, deals.woot has a policy that deals can only be posted when they are good, so when I posted it on Friday, it was removed. Someone posted it again yesterday (not me) and their post was removed. Woot gave me permission to repost when the deal was good (at Midnight this morning).

I didn't know about the policy, or I would have waited to post.


@kainis: Yep, new policy. I got tagged by it yesterday as well.


I was not aware of the new policy, as we all know they've previously allowed day specific deals to be posted in advance. Cheers guys.


Woo hoo just redeemed this today and am eating it right now! Got the beef brisket (regular) and turkey breast (also regular) plus the soda. Total came to just under $12 in Daly City, CA.