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Very annoying that I have to submit my e-mail address to view the page below the popup.


@jrhorn424: it's flash sale,as stated. Get a shopping email address and join. Very worth it. Saved me thousands last year.


Not sure that was worth a downvote. Groupon and LivingSocial let me skip the e-mail signup to view their deals. If I want a deal, I sign up. Forcing me to sign up to view a deal is not normal, even for flash sales.


Trying to force people to sign up before they even see the site is a guaranteed indication of a scam. Don't waste your time with this.


It's "exclusive" rather than a scam. is pretty well known for multiple-day sales. Sometimes they're really good deals, and sometimes not. Almost always very cool stuff.
Love the idea of artisinal bacon. Loving the shipping added to the price less.


I don't give brick-n-mortar stores my personal information when I walk in, why would I do it on-line. They may have the best deals ever, I'll never see them. (and yes I have a shopping email address, that is for shopping, not looking)


@jfconde: Fab is not a scam, I think you need to look up a scam's definition. Fab is growing faster than Facebook ever did, having reached 2 million active shoppers within a year, and $100k sales per day in 9 months.

I really dislike people who make unsubstantiated accusations.

Like PhoenixGirrl said, it's exclusive, but not THAT exclusive. It's a site for the design conscious, no one else. It's more like a free to enter country club, rather than a brick and mortar store. I don't see the issue with that. It's your choice NOT to look or join a country club. It's fine, then it's obvious that you are not their target audience. But don't accuse them of scamming.


@evilded: A shopping email address contains no personal information.

And noting that so many people on Woot has been using Fab, and the few comments here that make unfounded accusations, I think it shows that Fab is perfectly fine.

On Pinterest, Fab is highly revered, shared and respected. Many people are so happy that they now have access to designer items that were usually priced out of their reach. That includes me. Like I said, Fab saved me over a thousand dollars last year ($2,160 to be exact, compared to Amazon price or retail). Whether you want to use it, is entirely up to you.


@lll0228: I don't care how awesome Fab is, and I could care less about Pinterest. I was just expressing my preferences for interacting with deal pages. Calling it a scam is out of line, and I'd even grant that e-mail addresses aren't "personal information". That doesn't change the fact that I don't appreciate having to give my e-mail address to look at something.


@jrhorn424: Missing out is your choice, then don't shop at Fab. :) No one is forcing you.