dealsrocketfish bluetooth high-definition stereo…


I got these a while ago, and I really like them. Sound quality, usage time, and charge time are all quite good. If you have a larger head they might be a little uncomfortable at first (mine were) but within a few days the plastic had streched to fit me fine. I use them primarily to listen to music from my phone. They do work as a headset, and for me it sounds fine, but people on the other end of the line have sometimes reported reverb- my ladyfriend found she was able to nullify the reverb entirely by putting me on speakerphone when I'm using them.


Some folks might be want to be aware that this is Refurbished.


@ramdutta: Thanks for pointing that out. That really should have been in the description, if not the title.

p.s. Who downranked your comment, I wonder?


I also bought a pair of these brand new from Best Buy for $29.99 on one of their DoDs a while back. Use them at work at my desk to listen to music on my phone. Comfortable, even with my giant noggin. Good sound quality. Love them so far.