dealsthe pacific / band of brothers - limited edition…


Tried and failed to edit the description, but I figured I should let y'all know this is pre-order, ships in November.


My god why can't I type a comment the way I like. Last try.

I bought two of these. It looks like these are going to be 100+ out here in US. Basically 2 for the price of one. One for me and one to gift. Shipping was 10 dollars


And I just bought the Pacific on Blu Ray from the deal posted a week or two ago. Argh. This would make a pretty kick ass gift though. Especially at that price. The presentation looks kind of cheap though, all paper box, not the nice metal cases like the standalone Band of Brothers and The Pacific sets I already own.


I own both sets, love both series. Looking forward to HBO releasing Generation Kill next.


Band of Brothers was AMAZING. The Pacific... not so much. But this is a great deal!


Any idea how long this will last?


any idea if this is region locked?