dealstungsten rings for men sale for $14.99 + free…


I have gotten a cheaper ring from Tanga, but not a bad deal. A lot of sold out varieties already but the good news is that the shipping looks like it is free (which is usually denoted by a +free shipping on the front page).


$15 for a LOTR ring? I might be in just to have one finally.


@andrasko15: Not only that, but the LotR ring is GORGEOUS. I got one the last time they had this sale featured on Woot!, and it is still in perfect condition and makes me happily geek out every time I see it.


those lotr tungsten rings are regularly sold on ebay for less than $10 (including shipping), which is in fact how i got my own. not impressed.


Got one of both styles, my preciouseseseses!


@jethroop369: Only one item is showing as "Sold out". Everything else is in stock.


I went ahead and bought one, since I have wanted one since they were posted the last time.

I do wish the gold ring had the script in red/orange instead of black, but it still looks pretty cool. I was glad they still had some ladies sizes available.


Think the bride-to-be will let me use the black one as a wedding band? I have to at least for one!


@fredwallace18: If you get a matched set (Say one Gold, one Black) how can she say no? ;)


@fredwallace18: I got away with it, so my advice is to properly present the concept. If she's extra-religious, it helps if you don't mention the whole binding in the darkness bit until after it's too late. :)


Was hoping to find a replacement ring as my tungsten wedding band no longer fits but unfortunately of the designs I like there is nothing in my size.


@birdie85: These rings are usually made by laser etching the plating off to reveal the base metal, so with a tungsten band it's always going to be this dark grey, but it looks very similar to my gold over silver one from WB. I have a TiCN plate over stainless one on the way from Meritline, who were selling these a week or so ago for $6, that also looks similar.


Bought a few rings from Tanga in the past,very good deal BUT pray you don't have to deal with "customer service" it has to be the worst sale a day site I've ever delt with. Plan on about a week just to have them get back to you if at all. Forget the phone number,thay don't answer it anyway. No complaint on their products but be aware of hellish CS.