deals30% off select sansa clip players plus 30% off…


@stephenandjennifer: Not sure why that link died. Here is a new one:

All I am doing is running a search for "Sansa" and listing the results.


Mine came to $27.99 with the code, and including free shipping. I'll pass. The second link didn't work for me, but was able to click on one, and it came to 39.99 (including a 10$ off instant), then took 12$ due to the code. I think I'll pass.


@rad rick: I can +1 the price, when I saw these the other day they came out to about $28, free shipping. And it's the cheapo DHL 4-7 day shipping, not the 3 day shipping.

However, I did pick up one of the 4GB Clip+'s. I've owned 5, maybe 6 Sansa refurbs, and after putting rockbox on them I loved them. I also found that they have better sound quality than the few smartphones I tried, including my current Galaxy S3. I figured I always carry around a pair of earbuds anyway, and the clip is fairly small. That, combined with the fact that I have the Galaxy for video, makes it perfect to toss a few songs on.

Edit: since Coondoggs other link doesn't work, try this one: The ones with the codes in green are the ones (s)he's referring to.


I am still waiting for my two from the last time.. they are lost in transit :( My sansas need a home!!! Newegg is working on getting me a replacement shipped... sigh


Does anyone know how large of a micro-sdhc card the Sansa will accept?¿


and they have arrived!!!! YAY :)